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This episode of Joe Fairless' daily podcast show was selected as a TOP 5 Episode of 2018, out of 360+ episodes that year. What an honor! In this interview Anna gives very actionable tips for scaling your business, moving from single family to multifamily, and from smaller deals to much, much larger deals.

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This is the first podcast that Anna ever appeared in as a guest speaker, back in mid-2017. She sits down in the studio with Paul Peebles and Michael Becker to discuss her story of how she started in the multifamily business, and how she transitioned from investing passively to sponsoring her very first multifamily deal. 

Raj Gupta Darin Batchelder Podcast

On this podcast, Raj shares details about his personal transition from working as an attorney for the US Navy to being an advisor to super-high net worth clients, and ultimately to being a large-scale real estate investor and syndicator. He also gives valuable insights on partnerships, overcoming fear, getting started in real estate, COVID, and where we are within the economic cycle currently.

In this episode, Anna chats with Rod Khleif about getting started with passive investing, identifying your strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT analysis, how to get over difficulty and discomfort and continue to grow, and how mindset, attitude, and passion can help you reach success. They also talk about how to find great deals through relationships, coming up with creative ways to structure a deal, and much more!

In this podcast episode, Anna discusses with Michael Blank her philosophy that you don’t make money in your comfort zone, and why it is important to push your limits once you achieve your initial goal. When things start to get difficult, this is when you really need to keep digging, as you are getting closer to the multifamily gold!

John Casmon Raj Gupta Podcast

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Raj Gupta was a featured guest in this episode of Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing Podcast with John Casmon that aired in August 2020. In this information-packed interview, Raj shares his strategic approach on how to weigh risk vs. reward in the current economic climate. He also discusses how to mitigate risk and pivot investment strategies when evaluating multifamily opportunities today.

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LISTEN to the Episode     or     WATCH it on YouTube


In this podcast episode, Raj talks about the importance of always looking at the broader macroeconomic environment when making investment decisions. He explains that every part of the economic cycle has its own characteristic risks and opportunities. 




Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments contain risk. 

Raj Gupta John Casmon
John Casmon.png

In this video interview from June 2019 with John Casmon, Raj shares his views with the audience on how all investment decisions should be made, namely how attractive they are from a risk vs. reward standpoint, and in the context of where we are in the economic cycle. His insights on why he thought a recession was around the corner led to his strong advice to exit the stock market, and to focus instead on more recession-resilient real estate investments. 

09-2019 - COCA Case Study.png
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During this meet-up, Anna presents a case study of her first multifamily acquisition, one that she took full cycle in January, 2019. She discusses purchasing this 70-unit multifamily property in Arlington, TX, operating the project, executing on the business plan, and successfully selling it, delivering a 75% total return and 37% IRR to investors within 1.5 years. There are also many great questions from the audience that were addressed as well.

02-2020 - TIC and 1031.png

During this highly anticipated meetup, Anna shares with the audience her experience with purchasing multifamily properties using a Tenants-in-Common (TIC) structure along with a 1031 tax-deferred exchange as some of the methods that she has successfully implemented in her multifamily business over the past 3 years that enabled her to enjoy impressive returns, and in a tax-advantaged way. This presentation generated a huge amount of interest from participants and all who watched via Facebook Live. 

09-2019 - COCA Case Study.png

In this video, Anna and Raj discuss one of their multifamily acquisitions – a 247-unit apartment community in Richland Hills, TX. This “open book” and highly informative presentation addresses multiple aspects of purchasing multifamily assets, including how to choose and evaluate an asset, get a deal awarded, work through a transaction, arrange financing, raise equity, coordinate with the management company, and ultimately close on the acquisition.

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