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Impact Prosperity    is a real estate investment company that acquires and manages apartment complexes by raising capital from private individuals, with the twin goals of generating above-average risk-adjusted returns for our investors, and having a positive impact on the apartment communities and residents.  

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Investing in multifamily

real estate

since 2008


250+ unique investors who already invested

their funds with us



$95M in purchase volume and $25M raised from private individuals just in the past 12 months alone



4 assets went

full cycle, each producing above projected returns

to investors




We always invest

alongside our investors, in each

of our assets.

We have

skin in the game!




With 14 multifamily assets purchased,

4 sold, and 9 currently under 


we are here to stay!



Extensive industry

relationships allowing us to purchase assets

ahead of the competition




We specialize

in strategic investments in

B and C class

apartment communities



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Raj is a co-founder and managing partner of Impact Prosperity.


Raj began investing in real estate and multifamily properties back in 2008 where he first learned how to navigate through an economic recession, manage risk, and take advantage of opportunistic investments.  Since then, he has overseen well over 4,000 units in his portfolio, and has been a full-time multifamily syndicator and asset manager for the past several years.


Prior to becoming a full-time syndicator, Raj worked in the wealth management space for 12 years, where he advised high net worth and ultra-high net worth families on optimizing their investment portfolios.   Prior to that, Raj practiced law for 4 years as an officer in the Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps, being stationed in Naples, Italy from 2001-2004 where he was awarded the coveted Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his meritorious service.


With his extensive experience in studying economic cycles, evaluating market conditions and examining a wide range of investment vehicles, Impact Prosperity benefits from Raj’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to assessing investment opportunities that target the most attractive risk-adjusted returns.  As an advisor for many years, he understands the importance of being a responsible steward of investors' hard-earned capital, and continues to make that his top priority to this day.


Raj holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law, and earned the well-regarded CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and CAIA® (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) designations in his prior career as an advisor.

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Raj Gupta
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Anna is a co-founder and managing partner of Impact Prosperity.


Anna has over 8 years of experience in real estate investment, sales and asset management. Currently a full-time multifamily syndicator and investor, she has led the acquisition of 9 multifamily properties, and has owned over 2,800 multifamily units (as a Lead Syndicator, TIC owner, Key Principal, and equity partner).


Anna is very active in the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate community, and has a network of investors throughout the United States.  She has been a featured speaker on multiple real estate investing events and podcasts, where she shares her expertise and inspiring story.


She is passionate about personal and professional growth and continues to learn and educate others about multifamily investments, managing risk during these uncertain economic times. She has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2004.


Anna has a Masters Degree in Psychology; holds the coveted IROP (Independent Rental Owner Professional) Designation from the NAA (National Apartment Association); and is a Member of NAR, TAR, MetroTex and MLS.

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Anna Simpson



“Rajesh and Anna are terrific guardians of investor equity. They are competent, ethical and hard working, and it would be tough for anyone to match this dynamic duo!!”

Neal Bawa

CEO, Grocapitus and MultifamilyU

"When investing in a real estate syndication, you are putting your complete faith in the managers. They have to have years of experience in order to know a good deal when they see it, creativity to work through challenges as they arise, and integrity when handling other people's money. This company's leaders have proven through past projects that they have what it takes to hit the project goals."

Kathy Fettke

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

RealWealth Network

Kathy Fettke

“We have closed multiple properties with Anna and Raj. They are excellent buyers who always do what they say they are going to do. Our closings with them have been timely and seamless because of their thoroughness. 

We would absolutely transact with them again!”

Nick Fluellen and Bard Hoover

Senior Managing Directors

Marcus & Millichap 

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 11.29.18.png

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rajesh Gupta and Anna Simpson when I interviewed each of them individually on my podcast “Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing”. I was so impressed with their individual integrity and passion for this business, I invited them to join my Multifamily Boardroom Mastermind of rock stars in the multifamily space.


They have added tremendous value to my group, and to me personally. They are a fantastic team that really cares about adding value to others. I would give them my highest recommendation."

Rod Khleif


The Lifetime Cash Flow

Through Real Estate Investing Podcast

"It's always nice to work with true professionals, and Raj and Anna exemplify the perfect client, the perfect partner, and the perfect Sponsor.  

Their knowledge, integrity, and expertise in the real estate market mitigates a lot of the risk that is often associated with inexperienced syndicators.  If you are serious about taking your passive investments to the next level, I can't recommend Raj and Anna enough."


Mauricio J. Rauld, Esq.

Founder/CEO, Premier Law Group

Mauricio Rauld.png
Adam Adams.png

“There's two people that have my full respect in this business. They are doing it right and with the utmost integrity. I have been following Anna and Raj since 2017; in the beginning I was watching from afar and learned a lot about the business from them. Recently I have gotten to a point where I call these two friends.


I have so much respect for Anna and Raj that at my last 2-day mastermind retreat I asked them to be my honorary guests. These events are typically private events for clients only but because I knew the value that Anna & Raj bring to the table I knew I needed them there.


As a passive investor myself, I know it's essential that we trust the operators we invest with, which is why I look forward to their next securities offering."

Adam Adams

Apartment Investing Show Host

BlueSpruce Holdings, Co-Founder

"Over the last few years, I've been fortunate to get to know Raj and the team at Impact Prosperity. Their analytical skills are strong and they have a great eye for looking at properties and identifying a sound business plan. I've tapped Raj to share his opinion on deals we've considered and appreciate his insight."


John Casmon 


Casmon Capital Group

John Casmon
Mark Allen

"Our team has worked with Anna and Raj on three separate transactions over the last few years where they acted as the Purchaser. On one transaction in particular they were re-traded by the agency lender at the closing table. Despite the pressure, they quickly evaluated their options, developed a plan to close quickly and executed flawlessly within the contract period.

I would highly recommend them to any Broker or Seller if you want to close your deal without any headaches."

Mark Allen

Executive Managing Director

Greystone Investment Sales Group



"Working with Raj and Anna over the years has had amazing results. As a broker with Marcus & Millichap, I can say that they are some of the most detail-oriented sponsors I have seen.  They would tour our properties for sale, scrutinize our underwriting, question staff to ensure they knew every detail about the opportunity before submitting an offer.


Within the first year of them buying a property from us, they ended up buying several, totalling over 600 units. Everything they said they were going to do, they did! There can be a lot of unexpected challenges in multifamily real estate, but working with Raj and Anna has always been enjoyable as they always make the process very smooth and straight forward. 


It was this attention to detail and integrity, that also made me and my family feel comfortable enough to invest as a passive investor with them. As a passive investor, I can say that even through difficult times, they have always made the right decisions for their investors, and continue to do so today."

Wesley Racht

Marcus & Millichap


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Wes Racht

"I have been investing with Anna Simpson and Raj Gupta going back to 2016, and I am thrilled with their performance.  We are in five deals together, and as of now, all are on track to perform well beyond projections.  Because of their strong broker relationships, and a reputation for following through on their commitments, they have been able to close on some exceptional apartment deals in a very competitive marketplace.  


Together, they possess all the qualities I look for in apartment operators: a conservative approach to underwriting, a thorough and systematic due diligence process, deep knowledge of operations and finance, and a tireless work ethic.  Combined with their honesty and integrity, they have demonstrated that they will do the right thing when it comes to serving the best interests of their investors. 


Needless to say, I will continue investing with Anna and Raj for many years to come."


Steven Smith

Managing Principal

S3 Capital Partners

Los Gatos, CA

Steve Smith

"We first met Anna at a local real estate meet-up she regularly hosts and were very impressed with her drive, determination and passion for multi-family real estate.  I like to invest with individuals that are passionate, consistent and have a self-driven mind set, this formula allows them to persevere any situation and come out on top no matter how tough times get.  We feel Anna is that person. 


So far, we have invested in each of Anna's syndications since we met her and feel she maintains a great fiduciary responsibility to protect our investment and provide great returns as she continues to grow her business. 


Her partner Raj is a first class individual with great communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of the multi-family industry.  Raj has not only served our country as an Attorney in the U.S. Navy, but also has a long history of investing and syndicating in the multi-family space.  We are very proud to have Anna and Raj as partners in our real estate portfolio as we continue to drive forward in reaching our own financial goals."


Michael and Shari B.


Fort Worth, TX      

Michael & Shari Burks

"I see Raj and Anna in meetings and masterminds everywhere.  This tells me they put in the effort to maintain on the forefront of industry news and strategies.  Their webinars are professional, easy to follow, and thorough.  The onboarding and newsletter emails are well-crafted further exhibiting their willingness to continue to learn, improve, and provide the best experience for their investors."


C. Wooten

Asset Manager 

Atlanta, GA

Chris Wooten

"We have had the honor and tremendous opportunity to invest as Multifamily LPs and KPs with Anna & Raj. Shortly after meeting them, we knew we could trust Anna & Raj based on their strong performance and experienced track record in Multifamily investing.


During an investor property tour, they were prepared, quick to answer questions and forthright with all of the value-add components. Moving forward, their consistency with communication to us as investors regarding property financials, and distributions has continued to build our faith in their abilities to increase investors’ capital. 


As Multifamily investors, we feel very confident about entrusting the growth of our assets, and financial future with this highly competent team. We so appreciate them both not only for their investment opportunities but for their mentorship and care that they put into all that they do." 

Jeromie Sheldon

Colonel and Pilot, US Air Force

and Anne Marie Sheldon

Physical Therapist

Grand Island, NY 

Anne Marie and Jeromie Sheldon

"As a full time real estate investor and former financial relationship manager, I am extremely careful about whom I trust with my investment dollars. Both Raj and Anna are careful, financially savvy, and competent apartment operators, who do everything with the utmost integrity. I am happy to be investing with them and cannot recommend them more highly."


Anna Kelley

Multifamily Operator

Hershey, PA

Anna Kelley

"I am a physician now 70 years old and essentially retired. Like most people over the years, I had invested primarily with my 401k and brokerage account in stocks and bonds, sometimes picking stocks and bonds myself and sometimes paying a money manager. At times, either way, the investments seem to do well, but then I suffered through the market crashes of 1987, 2000-2002, and 2008-2009. I took quite a hit each time, and it took a while (years) to recover the losses.


As I aged, it became more and more scary that there would not be enough time to recover from another large downturn in the market to be able to draw off income. I met Raj and Anna through a friend who worked with Raj, and became interested in their expertise in vetting and managing a tangible asset i.e. multifamily apartment complexes or townhouses. I have now invested in 4 of these, and am enjoying the regular income from each." 


Louis D.


Little Rock, AR

Duane Velez

"I have known Anna Simpson for well over a decade now and started to invest in her multifamily projects in 2017. I was previously investing in single family homes, but it was eye-opening for me to realize that investing in multifamily real estate passively can be so lucrative, and without having to be actively involved in operations of the properties!


To this point, the projects that I invested in with Anna and Raj have exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to continue participating in their future opportunities."


Elena DeBusk

Middle School Teacher

Marbella, Spain

Elena DeBusk

"We have invested with Anna and Raj in the past, and have every intention with confidence to continue investing with them as they find deals matching their, and our, criteria going forward!


They're very detailed and focused on achieving maximum results by improving the property, upgrading the tenant base as needed and maximizing profit opportunities. Additionally, their communications with their investors are timely, thorough, detailed, and results have exceeded our expectations! I have confidence that our investments are managed very effectively by them both and results have been impressive!"


John M Mix

Retail Management, Retired

Coppell, TX

John Mix

"I decided to invest with Anna and Raj because they have extensive experience in the multi-family industry which enables them to gain access to deals that show the most promise for producing the returns and cash flow that investors like me are seeking. 


I started to invest with Anna and Raj in 2019. Thus far, they have exceeded my expectations in that they think outside the box to find ways to bring value to investors, are proactive in working with the management company to keep the property well-occupied and progress upgrades/improvements in a timely manner, and they communicate frequently to ensure that investors have the latest information.


In addition, this investment allowed me to take advantage of significant tax benefits due to accelerated depreciation. Finally, in addition to regularly sharing his multifamily knowledge, Raj has taken time to provide me with personal financial guidance (asset protection, tax planning, etc.) as well. I look forward to investing with Anna and Raj again!"


Anila S.

Semi-retired Dentist

Houston, TX

Anila Shah

"Having been in several multifamily syndications sponsored by many persons, I've found Anna Simpson and Raj Gupta to be among the best. Deals they sponsor have been well run, the communications have been stellar, and the results have been better than expected. 


I very much appreciate sponsors, like Anna and Raj, who treat their passive investors with respect and honesty. They will answer those dumb questions that arise and explain the details."


Charles LeMaire

Retired Computer Aided Design Specialist

Bedford, TX

Charles LeMaire

"When deciding where to invest, I believe in the common saying to invest with people you know, like and trust. I developed relationships with both Anna Simpson and Raj Gupta over many investment related get togethers. I admired their experience and track record. I also felt like each of them were very approachable and would be transparent in their discussions with me.


In the end, I believe I’ve entrusted our investment dollars with syndicators and industry leaders who will act on our behalf, will work to preserve our capital, and will focus on maximizing investment returns."


Darin Batchelder

Business Owner

Prosper, TX

Darin Batchelder

"I’m in 12 multi-family deals including Creek on Calloway, so I can say with certainty that no sponsors are more conscientious, responsive and knowledgeable than Anna and Raj.  They are proven winners in numerous syndications, and I will be first in line to sign up for their next one."


Dr. Craig Carlson

Retired Dentist

San Antonio, TX

Craig Carlson

"I met both Raj and Anna through a multifamily investing group in 2018. Both Raj and Anna are completely committed to investing in multifamily. Raj's financial and legal knowledge from years of working in the wealth management field and military law and Anna's boots on the ground in Dallas make them a great team."


Curt Evenson

Retired Physician

Springfiled, MO

Curt Evenson

"Anna and Raj share a passion for the multifamily business and an extraordinary drive to succeed. Their work ethic and attention to detail, combined with their extensive experience, make them a unique and dynamic team in the syndication business." 


Mike DuBoise


Westlake, TX

Mike DuBoise

"Tracy and I decided to begin investing with Anna and Raj based on our introductions at a multi-family event and hearing first hand about both their reasons for investing in specific projects, as well as their successful track record in multi-family syndications.  Both Anna and Raj have a great track record and can speak to the details on what makes an investment perform to expectations.  They have the type of bench strength you will always need in a challenging market, both today and tomorrow." 


David and Tracy Sims

Commercial Insurance Underwriters

John’s Creek, GA

David and Tracy Sims

Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments contain risk.

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